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Tea Brew Legend

Our critiques are tagged with a tea brew that evokes a feel for the movie or television show. So, instead of likes, ratings, emojis, or thumbs up or down, they are assigned a tea that, based on its benefits, gives you a sense of the production's feel and substance. Below we show several plants that teas are made from. So, scroll to figure out which tea best fits the movie or TV show that matches your mood.

Image of a barley plant

Photo by Emma Van Sant on Unsplash

Tea: Barley

Category: Herbal

Barley tea is good for oral health, which translates nicely to shows that have a lot of dialog like: American Skin, Borgen, Miss Sloane, and The Wire - to name just a few!

Genre: Movies and TV shows with a lot of dialog

Tea: Chamomile

Category: Herbal

Chamomile tea induces sleepiness. This is not to say that shows marked with this tea are boring; they're actually rather calming - not action packed. Try Blue Bayou, the Oscar-award winning film, CODA, Pachinko, or Ten Days in the Valley for example.

Genre: Family dramas

Image of a chamomile plant

Photo by Rebecca Asryan on Unsplash

Tea: Coca

Category: Herbal

Coca tea can produce psychosomatic effects, making it perfect for marking movies and shows about drugs or disorienting presentations such as Living with Yourself, Loudermilk, and Queen of the South.

Genre: Movies and TV shows about drugs or with disorienting presentations

Image of a coca plant

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Image of a dandelion plant

Photo by David Dawson on Unsplash

Tea: Dandelion

Category: Herbal

Dandelion tea is a bitter herbal tea that fits with movies and shows with difficult or heavy subjects like I May Destroy You, Pose, and The Awakening of Lilith.

Genre: Movies and TV shows with heavy subjects

Tea: Ginger

Category: Herbal

Ginger tea has many benefits, one of which is protecting the brain against disease. This translates perfectly to thought-provoking movies and shows, for example: American Skin; Drive My Car; The Deuce, and Wind River.

Genre: Thought-provoking movies and TV shows

Image of ginger

Photo by Joris Neyt from Pexels

Image of a gingko biloba plant

Photo by Uwe Nake on Unsplash

Tea: Ginkgo Biloba

Category: Herbal

Ginkgo Biloba tea slows signs of aging, so what better movies and shows than fun, youthful , and lighthearted ones like Funny PagesReservation Dogs, and Yes Day.

Genre: Youthful, lighthearted, and fun movies and TV shows

Tea: Ginseng

Category: Herbal

Like Chrysanthemum, its floral counterpart, Ginseng tea acts as a stimulant. We reserve this designation for suspenseful and intense thrillers that contain some violence. A Fall from Grace, Drive My Car, Lupin, and The Outfit are among these.

Genre: Suspenseful and intense thrillers

Image of a ginseng plant

Photo by Rodion Kutsaev from Pexels

Image of a honeybush plant

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Tea: Honeybush

Category: Herbal

Honeybush tea is calming. But unlike chamomile, this one is best for non-family dramas with adult themes like Girls from Ipanema, Pose, and The Deuce.

Genre: Nonfamily dramas with strong adult and/or socioeconomic themes

Tea: Jasmine

Category: Green

Jasmine tea is sweet and relaxing, making it a great sip for movies and shows with heart, positive vibes, and warm messages like the ones in these: CODA, GriGris, Loudermilk, Mr. Church, and Save Yourselves!

Genre: Movies and TV shows with heart, positive vibes, and warm messages

Image of a jasmine plant

Photo by Tanya Nedelcheva on Unsplash

Masala Chai

Photo licensed from Shutterstock

Tea: Masala Chai

Category: Black

Masala Chai is a black tea that promotes strong bones, oral and digestive health, and reduces the risk of stroke, making this drink perfect for movies and shows about toughness or athletic competition like Small Axe and Win by Two.

Genre: Movies and TV shows about toughness and athletic competition

Tea: Matcha

Category: Green

Matcha improves mental focus, making it perfect for navigating mysteries and figuring out whodunnits such as Mare of Easttown, Tell Me Your Secrets, and The Outfit.

Genre: Mysteries or whodunnits


Photo by Michael Burrows from Pexels


Photo by Simon Lee on Unsplash

Tea: Mint

Category: Herbal

Mint tea has a cooling effect and is known to reduce fever, which makes it a good fit for movies and shows filmed in cold weather or blizzards, such as Blow the Man Down and Wind River.

Genre: Movies and TV shows in cold weather and blizzard conditions

Tea: Oolong

Category: Oolong

Oolong tea is fat burning, supports weight loss, and helps mental performance, making it compatible with movies and shows that make you laugh or involve physical activity like dance and exercise. Reservation Dogs and Yes Day are just two examples!

Genre: Movies and TV shows that make you laugh or involve physical activities like dance and exercise


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Photo by Jared Subia on Unsplash

Tea: Peach

Category: Floral

Peach tea has a sweet and pleasing aroma, making it perfect for movies and shows with a springtime feel and imagery of the season, such as Bloodline.

Genre: Movies and TV shows with a springtime feel or with images of the season

Tea: Rosemary

Category: Herbal

Rosemary tea has a sharp pine fragrance and is proven to boost memory, making it perfect for signaling stimulating shows with intense action like The English, Swarm, and My Name.

Genre: Movies and TV shows with intense action


Photo licensed from Shutterstock


Photo by Mohammed Amiri on Unsplash

Tea: Saffron

Category: Herbal

Besides the beauty of its color, Saffron tea promotes eye health, which transfers well to movies and shows with great visual effects like The Bear.

Genre: Movies and TV shows with great visual effects

Tea: Sage

Category: Herbal

Similar to its floral counterpart (Lavender), Sage tea is an anxiety/stress reducer, which makes it great for watching films with low-key characters like those in The Foreigner.

Genre: Movies and TV shows with low-key characters


Photo by Phillip Larking on Unsplash


Tea: White

Category: White

White tea is fat burning, supports healthy weight loss and skin, and slows aging. All are qualities that make it a good fit for shows that make you laugh or involve urgency like chase scenes or other rigorous physical activity such as those in Lupin and Your Honor.

Genre: Movies and TV shows that make you laugh, or involve urgency, like chase scenes or other physical activity

Licensed from Shutterstock

Tea: Yarrow

Category: Herbal

Like Ginger, Yarrow tea promotes digestive health, reduces fever, cold, and cramps, and even relieves itchy skin, making it appropriate for movies and shows about illness or that are set in hospitals or other medical institutions such as the one in Operation: Cavity and The Good House.

Genre: Movies and TV shows about illness or set in hospitals or similar medical institutions


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